I am an artist, engineer, and educator. My work has been featured on NPR, the CBC, HuffPost, Canadian Business, and elsewhere. I volunteer at Repair Matters and Canada Learning Code, and am slowly developing my thoughts on what digital literacy means on today’s Internet. I’m part of the Open Innovation team at Mozilla I’m taking the winter off to ski!


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    Scaling faders: do these exist?

    Occasionally, clumsily, I make music. I had a drum kit when I was growing up. Making music looked like this: Sit down. Hit drums for an hour. Now I’ve grown up, so I share walls with landlords and neighbours whose love is conditional. And though I’ve managed to fit drums into some astonishing nooks, my recent apartments haven’t had room for surfaces that I don’t eat or sleep on. These days, I make music with a keyboard or drum pad connected to my computer. It’s the same computer that I spend most of my time programming on. Making music with it looks like this: Remain seated. Minimize my work software. Open my music software. Update music software to the latest version. Wait for updates…

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    Feature: add lazy loading to the lab

    • From repository rileyjshaw/rileyjshaw.github.io

    This small, very important change has been in my working directory since January. What a year…

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    Scaling faders (audio demo)

    I dread mixing audio. I tend to make the drums a little louder, then the lead, then the bass, then the drums again, and on and on until I’m clipping everywhere.

    I made this demo UI to show how a mixer might help keep your levels in check. Does this exist yet?

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