Fractal Explorer

This page lets you zoom into, modify, and explore some common fractals. The URL updates as you explore, so you can share discoveries just by copying the page address.

It’s a naive GPU implementation that doesn’t allow for arbitrary precision. This means that it loses resolution at a fairly shallow zoom depth of ~100000x.

Desktop controls

  • Click: set the image center
  • Scroll : zoom in / out
  • C: Increment color palette (decrement with Shift + C)
  • D: Increase pixel density (decrease with Shift + D)
  • E: Increase exponent (decrease with Shift + E)
  • F: Change fractal type
  • I: Increase constant imaginary component (decrease with Shift + I) (does not affect Mandelbrot or Burning Ship sets)
  • L: Show / hide command labels
  • O: Reset center to origin
  • R: Increase constant real component (decrease with Shift + R) (does not affect Mandelbrot or Burning Ship sets)
  • S: Save frame(s)
  • X: Clear state
  • Z: Zoom in slowly (zoom out with Shift + Z)
  • : Fine-adjust image center
  • Space: Play / pause animation (change direction with Shift + Space)
  • ?: Show this info pane
  • Esc: Hide this info pane

Touch controls

  • Tap: set the image center
  • Swipe : Change color palette
  • Swipe : Zoom in / out

With two extra fingers held down

  • Swipe : Change constant real component
  • Swipe : Change constant imaginary component

With three extra fingers held down

  • Swipe : Change exponent
  • Swipe : Change animation direction

With four extra fingers held down

  • Swipe : Clear state
  • Swipe : Change fractal type

This code is open source and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. It was made by Riley.