Accidental reset

From page 33 of the Apple II User’s Guide:

Accidental Reset

Sooner or later you will hit the RESET key when you did not intend to. It is inevitable, unless your Apple II requires you to type CTRL-RESET instead of just plain RESET. You can reduce the hazard by carefully prying off the plastic keytop, leaving just the keyswitch shaft available (Figure 2-9).

You can take this one step further and make it physically harder to push down the RESET key. Get a small rubber washer about 3/8 inches inner diameter, 1/2 inch outer diameter, and 1/8 inch thick. Remove the RESET keytop as shown in Figure 2-9. Work the washer over the exposed square flange of the keyshaft as shown in Figure 2-10. Replace the keytop.

Sometimes, all you need is a small rubber washer.

Accidental Reset section of the Apple II User’s Guide