• unhitching

    The possibility, vital for life, of unhitching, which consists… in grasping, during the brief intervals in which our species can bring itself to interrupt its hive-like activity, the essence of what it was and continues to be, below the threshold of thought and over and above society: in the contemplation of a mineral more beautiful than all our creations; in the scent that can be smelt at the heart of a lily and is more imbued with learning than all our books; or in the brief glance, heavy with patience, serenity and mutual forgiveness, that, through some involuntary understanding, one can sometimes exchange with a cat.

    Claude Lévi-Strauss, “Tristes Tropiques”

  • making nothing

    here’s a post that i wrote during my second week here. now that the showcase is coming up, i need to start making a thing. guess i’d better put this up before that starts :)

    one of my major goals during this program is to not make things.

    * silence. the sfpc showcase curators back away slowly to discuss what a mistake they’ve made. *

    it’s okay, i’ll do the assignments and make a showcase project and all that. i’m still going to make things. it’s hard not to; i’ve already made a lot of Things since arriving, more than i’m comfortable with. but i’m celebrating all the things i think of that i don’t make.

    during the binary numbers assignment, i came up with an idea to:

    • map binary digits (bits) to piano keys
    • find binary numbers that resolve to nice chords
    • create a simple matching app that prompts players with a decimal number and celebrates when the correct chord is played

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  • checking in

    hi! i haven’t written here in a while. school is busyyy. reading a lot, building a bit, exploring new york, etc. i’ve got a few drafts / reflections from the past few weeks which i’ll hopefully post, but here’s the official rundown so far:

    week 1

    week 2

    week 3

    week 4

    week 5

    …i can’t believe we’re halfway through! final showcase prep is starting and i still have no idea what i’ll build. yikes! gonna go ponder that, bye for now :)