• Add an /about page

    • From repository rileyjshaw/rileyjshaw.github.io

    Well, it's time.

    When I made this website, I decided against adding an /about page. The site was a sandbox to dump anything I happened to build / write / imagine while attending Hacker School, and an /about page seemed limiting. As the site grew, it grew weirder. I decided that its lack of context was an asset. I have some free usertesting.com recordings from 2015 that prove the site made no sense. I loved them.

    But the real reason I never had an /about page is that I didn't want to talk about myself.

    Exactly a year ago, I retired my portfolio page. I've recently begun applying for grants, and having some context on who is behind this site is important.

    The real problem is that this site is old; an /about page is an easy stopgap. This site does not represent me well anymore; I don't know why I still have links to my blog, for example. I would like to strip the site down, and think about the intended audience. But that sort of thing takes time, and I'm making the conscious decision to not prioritize my personal site for now.

  • final showcase project: depression

    “how can i help?”

    a solitary dial reflects the machine’s physical clock speed, acting as display rather than control. despite appearances, your presence is appreciated.

    depression is a personal reflection of my past few years, struggling with depression in an environment that couldn’t help or support me the way i needed. depression initially existed as part of a larger criticism of capitalism and the work ethic. i stripped down the larger piece until one exposed dial remained.

    the dial represents the machine’s energy level. turned all the way down, it represents depression; the machine’s clock speed drops, and it becomes so sluggish it’s nearly inoperational. when the dial is turned all the way up, the machine works “as intended”.