• Add an index for each individual project

    • From repository rileyjshaw/canvas

    I started this repository in the spirit of OpenFrameworks and TouchDesigner: I wanted all the libraries I might need close at hand, with a simple, abstracted API for drawing to , SVG, etc. I wanted a personal playpen / pigpen to test ideas in.

    For that reason, I didn't need nice features like routing or pages. :) if I wanted to see an old sketch, I'd change the root component and re-render. It worked for me!

    But I planned to eventually make an easier way to browse existing experiments. It would benefit me a bit, and casual viewers a lot.

    I haven't updated this repository in nearly two years, and I honestly never expect to again. I'm doing less browser-based creative coding these days, and trying to stretch my work in other directions.

  • Add Dwitter data and some initial scraper options

    • From repository rileyjshaw/rileyjshaw.github.io

    I love the tidal wave of projects on /lab, and I want to emphasize that for v3.0 of the website. I update pages across the web daily; Glitch, Codepen, gist.github.com, Dwitter, Hackster, etc. Plus there's social media…

    I'm okay with manual curation for the most part, but for websites like Dwitter where contributions are inherently unpolished / untitled, it doesn't make sense for me to hand-pick and manually update a giant list.

    Also: I'm not sure how long Dwitter will be around for. Periodically saving the underlying code / images / etc. gives me more ownership over the presentation and preservation of my data. It changes my relationship with these sites from content hosts to publishing platforms. That makes me feel more secure with my zillion links.