• April 4th is Deletion Day

    I included the following in my application for SFPC:

    DELETION, PERMANENCE, AND CONSISTENCY=====================================

    Silicon Valley likes to store data because it entrenches people in their past behaviors. Corporate culture’s emphasis on consistency is ableist, colonizing, transphobic, and represents a growing discomfort with people’s fluidity.

    I hope someday to have an International Day of Deletion. How can we live more presently?

    I am excited to say that after a few years of privately practicing Deletion Day on April 4th, we’ve got a public website.

    Deletion Day 2020 is less straightforward than it’s been in past years. With the isolation of social distancing, I’ve found comfort in social and digital media. And my gripes about data security and privacy seem tiny next to the health crisis we’re dealing with globally. But – this is still something that matters to me. Privacy and agency remain important components of the rapid changes we’re witnessing in government and society.

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  • I oppose Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

    ICANN is the governing body for the Internet’s domain name system. They are responsible for enabling and achieving “broad representation of the global Internet community”. Over the past few years they have proven to be shady, if not downright corrupt. Last…

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  • Add control mode à la tmux for text alignment

    • From repository rileyjshaw/write

    To enable control mode, hit meta key + e. From there, the next key you click will run a control command.

    There are currently two valid control commands:

    • ArrowLeft: nudge text alignment left for the active editor
    • ArrowRight: nudge text alignment right for the active editor