• Repair Matters on CBC Radio

    I was on the CBC again! Kady Wong and I representedRepair Matters on BC Today this afternoon. You can listen to the segment here. It starts at 33:30.

  • final showcase project: depression

    “how can i help?”

    a solitary dial reflects the machine’s physical clock speed, acting as display rather than control. despite appearances, your presence is appreciated.

    depression is a personal reflection of my past few years, struggling with depression in an environment that couldn’t help or support me the way i needed. depression initially existed as part of a larger criticism of capitalism and the work ethic. i stripped down the larger piece until one exposed dial remained.

    the dial represents the machine’s energy level. turned all the way down, it represents depression; the machine’s clock speed drops, and it becomes so sluggish it’s nearly inoperational. when the dial is turned all the way up, the machine works “as intended”.

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  • a few ideas along the way

    annnd the showcase is finished! i’m working on a writeup for my final project, but in the meantime here are some other ideas i tested along the way. this post won’t get into the themes i wanted to explore with these pieces, since i’d rather spend that time on the final writeup. hopefully you find some of these interesting without explanation!

    geometries that reveal contradictory images / messages from different perspectives (to be printed, then origami’d). i tested a few geometries for this one; here’s a prototype i built to test “print” images to a pyramidal lattice:

    self-destructive art piece that wants privacy:

    wiping away digital residue:

    a printer that ran through a scanner that ran through another printer and then into a paper shredder because idk state surveillance or something:

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