I am an artist, engineer, and educator. My work has been featured on NPR, the CBC, HuffPost, Canadian Business, and elsewhere. I volunteer at Repair Matters and Canada Learning Code, and am slowly developing my thoughts on what digital literacy means on today’s Internet. I founded the studio Misery & Co., and we have re-opened as of Spring 2021.

Throughout my career, I have focused on accessibility, mentorship, and community. I am a proud graduate of the Recurse Center and the School for Poetic Computation. I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on human-computer interaction.

I have the dubious honor of being recognized as one of Canada’s 30 Under 30 developers.

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Where I’ve been

  • Misery & Co. Founder

    Misery & Co. is a development studio specializing in novel mixed-media projects. I founded the studio in 2018, and we recently re-opened.

  • Mozilla Staff Software Engineer

    I worked at Mozilla on the Open Innovation team, supporting Common Voice. Common Voice is a landmark consent-driven dataset for human speech of all types, spanning over 60 languages. For many, voice recognition and synthesis is the primary interface for their devices. Common Voice is an open, inclusive, and privacy-conscious standard for a technology that is rapidly becoming ubiquitous. Here are some highlights of my time there:

    • I joined the team as Mozilla’s sole engineer, one month before a major partnership project was due. The project was estimated for three months but we somehow released on time.
    • I then helped oversee and implement a major infrastructure migration for one of the largest open source voice datasets.
    • I enabled recording on mobile browsers, opening the contribution process to many more people.
    • ISSIP Excellence In Service Innovation Award
    • Fast Company Innovation By Design Award Finalist
  • Repair Matters

    I used to volunteer with Repair Matters, a Vancouver-based initiative that empowers people to take part in repair and fix their stuff. I was interviewed by the CBC for the work we did together.

  • School for Poetic Computation

    I attended the School for Poetic Computation in early 2018, where I kept a blog. My goal was to focus on:

    • Education and the reinforcement of class structures
    • Deletion, permanence, and consistency
    • Repurposing corporate tools
    • Making friends
    • Making nothing

    My final project was about depression, which was a surprise for me. Here’s a link to my application for the program. I learned a lot about art and about myself. I’m grateful for the experience.

  • Khan Academy

    I spent three years on the Engineering team at Khan Academy. Here are some highlights:

    • I rewrote the video page and player, reducing load time by over 100%
    • I created and led KA’s first optimization team
    • I built this interface as the sole developer on LearnStorm 2017 🎉
    • I led our formal mentorship program
    • Over 3 years, I deleted more lines of code than I added

    For most of my time at Khan Academy I worked remotely from Toronto, Canada. I’m honored to have worked with such brilliant and passionate folks.

  • Canada Learning Code

    I am a volunteer mentor and instructor with Canada Learning Code. I mostly work within these branches:

    Curriculum content ranges from teaching girls how to make video games to helping teachers learn more about digital privacy.

  • Developer 30 Under 30

    I won this award in early 2017. I’ve written about it here.

  • Signal Desktop

    Duing the Winter Break of Code, I pitched in on Signal’s desktop app. Spending the morning on an OSS project I’m passionate about and the afternoon in the ocean was pretty close to perfect.

  • Recurse Center

    I attended RC in early 2014. While there, I worked on:

    My favorite projects were the spontaneous collaborations that happened each day, most of which aren’t listed here. I had a wonderful time.

    In 2021 I helped build RC’s virtual space, RC Together.

    I am part of the interviewer team for Recurse Center. Care to apply?

  • Listn

    I co-created a popular mobile app during university. We sold it to Beatport.

For a full history of my employment, please see my Linkedin.

About this website

This website aggregates content that I’ve littered across the Internet. I wrote a small utility to scrape the web which runs daily. I structured my website this way to regain ownership of the collection and presentaton of my data.

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To respect your privacy, this site does not, and will never, track usage data. Most website owners do not share this proclivity. To reclaim some privacy, check out Privacy Badger.

This site is free software under the GNU GPLv3 license and follows the Contributor Covenant.

The managers tell us that the swimmers, crawlers, walkers, and fliers spent their lives working in order to eat. These managers are broadcasting their news too soon. The varied beings haven’t all been exterminated yet. You, reader, have only to mingle with them, or just watch them from a distance, to see that their waking lives are filled with dances, games, and feasts. Even the hunt, the stalking and feinting and leaping, is not what we call Work, but what we call Fun. The only beings who work are inmates like us.